About Me

Yanjun Yang

I have always liked making new things, whether it be origami, robots, food, or computer programs, and at the same time, I have always been eager to learn new concepts, ideas, and skills. I find that these two desires of mine tend to build off of one another: whenever I find myself stuck on a project, I would seek out education, and whenever I learn a new skill, the first thing I would want to do is to test it out, and then to share it with others. To me, innovation is not limited to just engineering or research; discovering everyday life hacks to save time and improve the quality of one's life is also quite important. Similarly, education goes beyond reading a book or listening to a lecturer talk; it includes all of the Googling for answers that we do, as well as all of the failed attempts that we may have. And when phrased this way, one naturally sees that innovation and education are really just two pieces to the same puzzle.